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My 1st Blog Award=_+

hoho...1st tyme dpt award neyh..actually i didnt know anythng bout da to get to post i was left farrr a to IZAh coz always trouble u in giving da explanation to me..hahaha..stil in da learning processss...will catch it up soon..promiseee~hoho..

here da award.. said by izahh..we need to answer the juz copy da question dat available in her entry..huhu~

1 ) Thank & link the person that gave you the award.
thnx so much to izah

2 ) Pass this award onto 5 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic.
ohh..mat amir..dayah pika..nadia..yani..

3 ) contact said blog n let them know they've won the award
okeyyy..olready link 2 their blog..heee~

4 ) state 5 things about yourself
5 things about myself???ap dye??adoiii..hahaha..
  • suke tengok cite korea d masa lapang..addicted okeyy..huhu
  • xsuke sepah-sepah..neat n tidy..*cam poyo gilerr..haha*
  • sedang mncari cinta sejati..*eh2..masuk list gak ke neyh??hurmm*
  • pelajar uum law...hoho..*xbangge diri okeyyy*
  • really luv my parents n familyyy..

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