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another aouting day!!

hye readers..still awake??gud!..lets have a look to my story for today..haha..nothing interesting..

today kuar jenjalan lagi dengan my buddies..Izah n Yusma..FYI, Yusma kire 1st tyme jumpe after SPM'07..whooaaa..lame gila kami tak bersua..kan3..hehehe..lastly..thnx to Mubarak!becoz of u we unite again!...ahaha..she just came back from Mesir..becoz of dat riot..hehe..

so hari neyh kuar jalan2..kami kuar pun da lewat petang..around 5pm izah picked me up at my home..then we headed to Yusma's house which we did not know the exact direction..then we were berpusing2 mencari da right direction..agak susah disitu ye yusma..luckily we knew ur home before you get married..hahaha..about 30 minutes jugak la to reach her home..finally..thnx God!..after that i jadi drebar becoz i like driving...hehe..we headed to Mcdonald near Mydin n Giant..actually its between Mydin n need to describe more!..

again thnx to Izah coz buying me an Oreo Mcflurry ice it!! duet seketika..hahah.but then i stil bought two piece of chicken, french fries n a nestea may be my last time to have Mcd..coz after this it might be difficult to have it again as i will be back to Sintok tomorrow nite..=(..okey..enuf wit dat..

we had a long chit chat..then we went to Giant to perform our Maghrib prayer..then berlegar2 seketika di Giant..n reminding myself not to spend any single money here for this moment..hahaha..just becoz ive already spent about RM200+++ at Giant yesterday..pffft!!..oopss..hehehe..cume izah mencari her new selipar jepun..actually not a selipar jepun..merely as..hik3..during dat time my special person called me..waahh..lepas rindu seketika..oopss..terlepas cakap..bocor rahsia..haha..ok..cukup!..ill keep it to myself..heeee~

as i told you before..hanging out without taking any single picture is impossible!!..of course we took any chance to snap our pictures as a camwhore actually..shhh...dun reveal it to anybody okayyy!!..


me wit izah..dye yang mengajak ku untuk kuar....i enjoyed da day..len kali kuar lagi yekk..hehehe..=)

inilah yusma..budak pandai...belajar kat mesir balik becoz of da riot..kat skola dulu dye neyh top student taw..jwab exam add math without using calculator, tapi leh jugak scor A2..ohh..kalo gune calculator kompem A1 kan!!..ohh..jeles!!..hahah..bakal doktor...insyaAllah~

oyeaahhh..three of us:)

again we unite after a longgg separation..huhuhu..luv u guyss..*i like dis shown our beauty..hahaha..just accept it!*

okeyy...last but not least before i click to *Publish Post*..just wanna say dat im not finishing my assigments me..i hope that this holiday will be forever without ending..suddenly i hate to think that my holiday was over!..okeyy...after this post i need to finish up all da assignment..lets burn da midnight oil guyss..say hye to eyebag!..huuhu...k fullstop!!~

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