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hey guys..tengah buat apa??otak aku swing untuk dua hari kebelakangan ni..tak tahu kenapa..maybe because there is a load of assignment yang belum disetelkan..haiyooo..:(

so guys, diz morning we all got the result for our practicum..n yes as predicted i will do my attachment at High Court Kuala Terengganu..the date is from 6th of June until 5th of July 2011...OMG..within that period i need to wear black and white attire like the lawyer did..ohh noo nampaknya kena p shopping dulu la carik baju black and white..hohoho..rasa macam excited nak practicum but at the same time macam nervous pun ada..yela..this is my first COURT!..huh..scary je dengar word court tuhh..petang tadi i met one of my senior, Kak Syahidani..she had done her attachment at the High Court KT..n she gave me plenty of advice on what i need to do during the attachment..thnx sis..i'm appreciate dat..:)

so da call mak tadi..tell my parents about the attachment because my mom had made a plan for vacation to Beijing..and of course aku tak boleh ikut!!!..grrr...sedeyhhh...tapi takpe..attachment tu penting untuk masa depan..heee..on 6th June, i will be like a real lawyer altough im just an attachment it!...yeahh!! that's it..nak sambung siapkan skrip bahasa arab after having my dinner..mee sedap!..makanan orang bujangg..T___T...k..i'm done!..

this is the information about my practicum..n please ignore my default picture!!..:)

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