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please be profesional..we are bound to follow ur command..but please be fair to us..dont discriminate people..i hve my own right to be upheld in this case...i know dat im nobody to you but please...please be more humane..please consider our capabilities as a student to solve this matter..if u cant do so, then wat are da purpose of u to hold dat position if u urself cant help us in settling down the problems arise..i beg to you..really...:(

hey u..i do respect u before this but mybe not really adore u but stil i stil respect u as a person that older than me...ur personality shows that u are someone that are Islamic person..but then they way u act just dont really suit ur personality..whyy??i do really hope that u will read this entry but of course you will not as u dont know bout the existence of this kind of thingsss..i went to see u with the hope that u will help me out in settling the problems that i had faced..but it turned out dat u dissappoint me more!!..OMG...

okayy fine..because of you i had wasted my precious time for study..i still had 4 more papers to go and u expected me to solve the matter by myself..heyy as the person that have the authorization to the procedures should help me..and one more thing, what the heck you showed me ur job description??u wanna tease me or what??ohh gooshh..please be more PROFESSIONAL!! if u cant stand if others oppose ur decision, please go back n stay at home this country every people have their own right and freedom to speech on whatever they want as long as it do not contravene the i make anything wrong when i oppose to what you are saying..i think im not!!..seriously..i tried my best to keep my voice calmly as i can n i tried really hard not to be rude to you..i tried to use a VERY PROPER languange when talking to you..but because of you, ive uttered a bad words towards u behind ur back..n im really sorry..i do not meant to do that but it happened just because of you..:(

seriously..i sworn to myself that ill not join any activities that have connection with you..if others said that im not a professional what???..i dun care what u guys will say..but i tried my best to not be involved in any kind of activities that needed u as supervisor!!..

k..i think ill stop here..i need to focus back to my study as i still have 4 more papers to go through..i hope i can do the best..insyaAllah..:)

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