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holiday yawww..

ohh at home now!...hoyeahhh *chicken dance*....tapi tak sampai seminggu pun lagi duk kat rumah ni..

right after pulang dari Langkawi, i took only one day to pack all my things and throw into the store..hewhewhew...banyak hokkeyyy barang gue...penat hangkut kotak kotak buku beg beg baju..nasib baik balik awal..tak payah nak berebut ruang dalam stor..ngeheheheeee..

so now im home...being a babysitter to my two little brothers because my parents now in Vienna, Austria..having their second honeymoon...hehehe..actually my mom need to present her research paper at Czech sambil menyelam minum air bapak gue follow sekali..hik3..

being a babysitter i feel like mother mother..hahaha..can you imagine..i need to wake up at 6am..make breakfast to my brothers, then sent them to school...afternoon, make their lunch, pick them up from school and send to the tuition and the schedule goes on..phewww...

that's the beginning of my holiday..daaaa

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