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Thnx iZah! neyh specially dedicate to my fren..Nurul Izzah Mohamed..

tadi..i bkak ur blog..then i found dat ur layout is really go 2 da web site da place dat u took ur layout...suddenly..i found diz beautiful n cute thinking a lot..i just copy the link as instructed..then paste on my profile blog...suddenly..i thought 4 a while.."i think i had seen this layout before..but where???" after 2 o 3 minutes thinking about it..lastly..i realised dat diz layout is da same as urs..wooow...da layout is blue in color which dat is my FAVOURITE color decided to let it be my layout page too..hehehehe my fren..sorrryyyyyy if i made a copycat on could i know..diz layout is veryy beautiful..FOR to you..n i miss u..ble nk kuar neyhh makcik...hahaha...

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izzah said...

my name on your blog! sumpah rase mcam glamer. haha :)) well, taste i mmg best. lol
aaa macik. bile nk kuar ni? u gve tarikh la, i on je :)

cutie gurl said...

hahahah..sumpah u mmg glemer n hot stuff g2..hahahaa..okey2..i no hal..urmm..nxt week la..if possible..heeee=]

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