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okeyy..lets take a break with kit kat..hahaha...if i have one small cut of kit should be really good..=] still thinking why im taking law??i wonder why..if u say that im interested into law at the firstplace..i think that is not the right answer as i really fall in love with math rather than law..but why i take this course..Law is a very critical subject for me okeyyy!!!stresss wit all the provisions and cases that need to be memorised..

just now, i studied family law with the reference of Law Reform Act 1976..i took 3 hours to finished the reading of one chapter including the written notes too..maybe u think that im useless because took a very long tyme to finished just only one chapter..but..i wanna mentioned to you that im sick with all the provisions that are veryyy longg without any full stop and hard to understand..OMG..OMG..OMG..wat could i do..depresseddd..tension.huh..

okeyyy..after strugglingg a few tymes..i managed to understand it although its just a mere understanding but i think its enough already..its a good feeling when u could understand the provision.. hmmm...its really hard okeyy..

so now..wanna have a rest..watching my favourite singerr..Syahir..oohh..luv u Syahirr...gagagaa..=]

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