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keep changing!

::currently listening to Catch Me I'm Falling..*mud:jiwangg~*::

sometimes i feel like im da happiest person in dis world for having u by my side
sometimes i feel grateful dat i could know u
but sometimes i feel like im da unlucky woman because i know u but not da other person

i hope i cud find another person dat really care about me
dat really concern bout my condition
dat really love me..missing me all da im da only person u have in dis world
not only by words but by ur action which shown dat u really love me..

but where can i found dis person??i tried so hard to not think bout it but useless...still thinking bout it over n over although i knew dat i had wasted my precious time on these unnecessary keep wondering whether r u being loyal to me or not...r u waiting for me??or actually u hve another person in ur life..

*hanya berserah sahaja..tak mampu nak buat lebih dari itu...apa-apa pun study!!!...nekad!!..tak mau pk dahh hal ni..n pliz let me go..jgn ganggu saya lagi oke???


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