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Mood:Gila! not really in a gud mood..tak tahu kenapa..tetibe rasa nak nanges..nak balik umah..rasa macam nak kuar p tengok wayangg..kenapa ntah..haishh..pening2..mungkin sebab esaimen banyak sangat kot..atau projek tak setel lagi..atau mungkin sebab LPQB mau datangg??guess what??

okeyy..pagi tadi we all had done our Tort LPQB presentation on the topics of Motor Vehicles Accident and also Damages for Personal Injuries..hurmm..we just got only 6 days to prepare the report and the slide presentation on these two topics..and the person dat done dis things are only 4 persons...all together we have 9 members per grup..but then we had divided into two small group: one for presentation consist of four peoples and the other one is project which consist of 5 people..these two topics did not have in our we need to search the information at the first i thought dat these topics might be difficult for us to find the sources..but who knows God always help His people..i found a lot of materials regarding to our topics...we struggled very hard to complete the report and slide presentation on monday in the evening because we need to submit to Tiqah because she will compile all the assignments for the three of us..

n today was da presentation day..i'm glad that all the things move really smooth..thnx to the audiences for asking us the merely tricky offence yeahhh~so now we had lessen our burden but dat doesnt mean we could enjoying our time..because we still had a pile of assignments that need to be done!..huh..sangat susah menjadi pelajar sebenarnya..tapi takpe..tue sume untuk masa depan yang sememangnya belum cerah tapi untuk dicerahkannn..hehehe

nak buat assigment family law tapi macam malas..nak maen facebook line macam laju tapi macam lembap jugak..mungkin sebab rumate saya tarik banyak sangat line kott lepas gune P1 wimax tuuhh..huhuhu..rumate..soryyy..terumpat disini..ekekekekee...

da laa..terasa xda cerita da nak storyy..wait for my next entry yang xbpe nak best pon..hahaha..:)


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