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just a random thinking

why do most people like to use word "haha".."hehe".."hoho"..and other similar words..why why why??i keep on thinking why we use these words in every sentences that we make..for example.. "i ate nasi goreng with budu..huhu"...hurm..i think those words will show our emotions at that time..agree??i dunno what about u guys..but for me i oftenly used all those words at the end of my sentence which i think suitable just to convey to u guys my emotions behind it..heee..haa..i just do shows my happy and relax emotions while writing all these down..:)

so kadang kadang penggunaan perkataan2 tuh mempengaruhi pemahaman seseorang..contohnya..kalau texting with friends..we just sending the text without putting along that words..mesti those person yang received message tu ingat kite tengah moody ker..tengah macam takda mood..bosan..macam2 laa..if we put those words along..for example.."haha..lawak la" compared with "lawak la.."..which one u think better??mesti yang second sentence tu orang pikir oh dia nie mesti tak ikhlas nak message..or tengah takda mood ke..tapi beza pulak dengan first sentence tu..nampak macam orang tu memang berintention nak message dengan kita.kan kan??hehe..pls agree with me babeyhhh!..HAHA...

so..after this guna la perkataan2 ni..sebab rasanya baru la ceria perbualan dalam sms..or twitter or facebook..tapi biarlah bertempat..jangan la every sentence u guys put those words along..sah orang akan ingat gila meroyan..gelak tak bertempat..KAH3..*i told to myself as well* thats all..gud nite..sleep tight sweet dream:))


my sweetest friends forever:))

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