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updating at the dawn

salam... breaking my own dawn just like the bella n the gorgeous edward cullen in twillight..teheee..i just waking up from my was my intention cause i have my 2nd last paper tomorrow eveningg..wuuu...but i havent finish my study EMM GEEE!!

i felt really tired in order to finish answering all the papers..ohh..why do we need to sit for examintaion??? prior i do think that examintaion is important..but now i think i wanna make a petition to Education Ministry to abolish the examination..anybody on my side??huhu..

hurm actually i dun have any idea what to write about..just feel like wanna make my blog alive..erkk??forget it!..still have 4 days left before leaving this Sintok for holidayy..-perasaan bercampur happy cause i can have my great holiday without any worriesss but at the same time i feel a little bit sad..dunno why..maybe i will not see u for about 3weeks..ouhhh..such a veryyyy longg time!..hope i can bear it..:(

so need to stop writing..start studying for my ISLAMIC BANKING..hope i can do well..pray for my success..:)..salam..

study hard like this??oohh its so like me!..HAHA...:)

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