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ntah knape rase cam mlam neyh nk menaip jep..hehehe..rndu kot kt blog yg xbape nk lawo neyh..huhu..bia least ade gop blog..skg neyh duk umh jep..nk wt pe pon..ngn hujan nye lgi..bezz tdow tyme2 gini..ak duk kt umh skg neyh adew stu hasrt n cita-cita..ak nk improve kn english ak..da xlarat nk dgr bebelan umi..sbnrnye bkn bebelan umi yg jd ak nk utk my mom is rite..saying dat i need 2 read more english story book bcoz english is very important in my career as a lawyer..if u cannot speak fluently in can u argue da cases in da court..diz is bcoz all da conversation is in english..when i watch da korean drama which all about da lawyer..from dat i know english is very important 2 make someon become outstanding from others..its not enough if u got 4.0 in ur examination but cannot use englisg well in daily life..i actually a lil regret 4 myself 4 not been seriously focus on english during my childhood..when i see my sister n brothers keep on reading da story book n noe dat their english r quite good..i think im a loser..ive made my mom disappointed wit me by taking less care bout english..hurmm..i promise i will do my best in improvising my english n show 2 all my famiy dat i can do it..pleiz pray 4 my succeed..i really want to success in my life n my career to be..insyaAllah..

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