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dull day..

today is tuesday and its still raining like cat and dog outside da house..felt very cold as we r in a snowy state..but da fact is we r only in trgnu..peninsular of malaysia..huhu..da activity for today is not much diffrence wit yesterday..n 4 ur information i already finished da second movie title LOVE STORY IN HARVARD..woooowwww..da story was really touched...i luv it damn much..whoaa..there r a lot of lessons dat can we take from dat story..1st is about honesty..if we r done sumtin wit honesty n pure intention.wit da God's will all our aim may be reach successfully..2nd is about friendship..although one person might hate da other person..someday..they will realize dat nothing is more important than friendship..becoz friendship will last longer n ever lasting..da other lesson or value is about diz story..we can see da true love between hyun woo n soo in..although soo in suffered fron da tumor dat r very dangerous but he still wanna marry her bcoz he luv his woman very do wit soo very touched to see their love dat r very pure to heart..hyun woo voluntered 2 withdraw his case in order to save soo in life..furthermore..hong jin min..friend to soo in n hyun woo..he also fall in love wit soo in but diz is unrequited love..he hate hyun woo so much..but at da end..he helped hyun woo by being a witness 4 da important case n blown da cover of Jason..dat time i feel like..whooaaa..jun min was a very very nice guy...but..i still adore hyun woo becoz he is gorgeous n adore man..hoho..diz is a story dat r very interesting compared to da story of TASTE SWEET LOVE..diz story is a lil bit dull bcoz da antagonise charachter is not well seen..but watever it still enjoying watching these 2 now..i need 2 rest 4 2 days in order to finish my reading on da story book..heeee...

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