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quick update:)

salam guysss...i hope its not too late to wish Maulidur Rasul to all Muslim around the world..

"Sesungguhnya orang yang paling dekat denganku pada hari kiamat adalah orang yang paling banyak berselawat kepadaku" - An-Nasa' & Ibn Hibban

so now im stil in my holiday mood..doing nothing at home because last week i used all my energy toured around the Kuala Lumpur with my beloved friends. we bought books by using the voucher of RM200. thanx to DS Najib, our Prime Minister for giving us this voucher. next time bole bagi im at home. last week demam tanak ingat dunia. starting from wednesdy up to yesterday my fever didnt went down. omaigod!..i felt soooo tired with this sickness. i ate a few types of medicines until i got stomach ache because of the medicines.goshhh!..

next week will be going back to Sintok and hey im now in Semester 6!!..i cnt believe a super duper senior now..huhu..but at the same time it means that i have no much time to play around as by next year i will be graduating from law school and will be in chamber for 9 time 22 years old already..i cant act like a child anymore. i need to think and act i wish i can turn back the time going back to my childhood time.. i miss that moments although there arent much memories to be remembered.

2 days more, the result will be announced and yes i feel nervous like my heart will be burst out!..hoho..

gud luck to all my friend... *takdak idea mau tulis apa*

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