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hyee everyone..for sure u guys already slept soundly..but not for me because i'm still awake up until now even though tomorrow i have morning classes begin at 8am...sigh...and yes my holiday has come to the more more more killing the time with unuseful thingss..NO MORE...ohh double sigh!..

and yeah now im in UUM already..safely arrived around 4.30 am yesterday morning..done unloading all the stuffs from the store room with my bestie--> atiqah..then i have visited my little sister at uitm arau with him..delivering the requested thingss to her..then at night i have attended a meeting at DPP Proton lead by Mr Mazli..they discussed about many many thingss which made me turn bored+really sleepy like if i put my head on the table just in seconds i will fall the meeting ended around 11.30pm...

so here what i wanna say is that my holiday is totally over..tomorrow i will start my first class for my new semester in this 6th semester..and heyy im a super senior already..i have 2 more semester to go which i feel like it is such a veryyy looong time before i can officially say bye bye to law school..but in the same time i dont want it ends to fast because i need to reshape my result..its not sooo good for me with this result to graduate later..i need to prepare mentally and physically to struggle really really hard for this 3 semester including with this semester..i hope i can do better..

enough with that..and now i cant sleep..that is my biggest problem right now..and at the same time i miss my home+family like crazily...miss my mother..i feel empty right now..have no mood..and miserable..hurmm..hurmm..hurmmm..

my family:)

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