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random much!


now im in holidayy...hoyeeahhh...for 1 week only but its enough as long as i can been at home..hee..even though have a week of holiday but the assignments already give a very bad headache..too much works that need to be settled within this we will have another mid sem test on land Law on 28th April...phewww3...

home is where my heart is..even though my sweetheart is not here...heee..oohh speaking about my sweetheart...he is on his way back to sintok from KL..he has a veryyyy longg journey this weekend..from Johor Bharu to Kluang then going to Seremban visiting his sister then this morning go to KL visiting his other two sisters...and at night on the bus going back to sintok as tomorrow he need to work..pity him...dear..i know u can do it!..hehehe

actually i dont know the point of this entry..oohh sory guys because im wasting ur time reading this rubbish entry!..LOL....

this evening once again i watched clip video lisa and yusry about their marriage...and heard the song of Penghujung Cintaku...somehow its reminds me to him cause he gave me that song as a present...and when i listened to it carefully and i realised that that song has a veryyy deep that songgg..<3<3

hurm need to stop..if not ill write something ridiculous in this entry..hoho...daaaa bloggers...assalamualaikum:)

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