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the times..

time flies very fast as in a blink of the eyes..i felt like i just entered into the sixth of semester but now heyyy we are heading to the end of semester!! seriouslyyy???next semester gonna be my seventh semester and im in final year already..ohh emmm geee :(

the final examnination just around the corner..only two weeks left but still i have lots of assignments need to be stresss!..there will be no study week for this semester and it makes me double stress!!...

i really do not understand why they need to abolish the study you guys know how important it is for us as student to prepare for our exam? only during study week we have time to make our revisions..but now???

hurmmm....cant wait to finish all my papers and run back to my hometown and enjoy the life which there will be no assignments, classes, talks and anything...

unfinish assignments:
1) tutorial company law
2) tutorial equity and trust
3) presentation company
4) final project for stid

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