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my Story!

currently listen to the music from my lappy
::Baik-baik Wali Band::

im tired...tired...being a student
there are a lot of things to do
lovee.....haaaa????is it??nope2...not included in my life for now..huhu.. on da way compiling all the assignments..
management....bcoz we need to submit it by TOMORROW!!!!
im stresss.....
i have not finished yet covering da chapters in
my beloved Principle Management's book...
there still have 4 more chapters to go..

just a call from Ilham..
she asks me whether im interested or not to join EKUUM.. interested..but when thinking about da time..
im not really sure..
tonite there is an interview for those who want to join or be a Sekretariat..
it start today until wednesday nite..
but i think maybe i will attend dat interview tomorrow nite after Management test..
kak fatin also had asked me about this matter
but..i just ignore it..but when thinking it again..
i think i should grab this opportunity to mingle with all the people
from other colleges..
and gain a lot of experinces as long as i have dat chances..

okeyy..need to go.. 9pm..wanna meet Yana..
n i have not bath yet..
heehehe..but im still adorable k...:))
see ya!~

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