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Ya Allah..^^

lambatnya nak balik..da xsabar nak balik rumah..walaupun cuti hanya seminggu..but i cant wait for it anymore..i havent go back to my hometown for almost 2 months or mayb more than that..whoaaa...i dont believe dat i was stayed at UUM for such a long period..i guess..hurmm..although most of my frenz n also seniors said dat.."ala..baru 2 bulan xbalik..kami yang satu sem xbalik xrasa pape pon.."..hello..pleiz k..dont make any comparison between you and me..we r not in da same boat. so just shut it up..sorry..myb you think it was rude..but i cant stand it anymore..haihh.. okeyy..4 ur information, i will go back to Terengganu on thursday nite..around 8.30 pm..

diz morning, supposedly i didnt have any its tyme for me to do my assgnment or wash all da clothes..but..hurmm..diz morning is different wit da previous morning..i have to attend a basic course in order to be a facilitator..but its okeyy becoz im willing to go to dat programme..the programme started at around 8.30 am n ended up at 5pm..its very longgg dayy..never mind...ignore about dat day..

tonite..i had my dine wit my bestiee..i think so..hahaha...we ate at kak mona..n had a lot of conversations about our activities today..we talked a lot of things..then..on my journey back to my room, i stopped by at JPM's room..nothing important..juz wanna see my another bestiee..arni..there, i met President, Wari, Abg RAzif [abg Razif..ingat..ckap nk blnje oblong..huhu]..and thing, i was touched..deeply touched wit wat one of them had done to me..actually its kind of gurauan..but myb at dat tyme, i was not in a gud i was a little bit touched or wat the people said..sentap..hehehe..hampir nak meleleh aww air mata kuh..tpi ku tahan jua..tape..taw mereka joking aku sensitip da okeyy da..huhu..

i also dun know why??but lately..i always..always think about -ve matters/things..hurmm..i think i know why im like this..but juz keep it as secret..watever..i hope diz feeling will end soon..
diz 2,3 life quite miserable..hurmm...:(..sad..sad..sad..sad..

monolog dalaman: tadi betol2 tersentap weyh..tapi aku cool jew..taw yang dorg juz nak gurau2 ngan aku..cume waktu tuh hati aku da sedeyh..ble kjdian tu berlaku..bertambah2 la sedeyh dorg agak segan nak masuk lam bilik tu promise dat after CNY, i will not enter dat room without any important things to do..i know who i juz an ordinary student..hehehe..:))

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