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finally..finish with the management test..
i feel like im gonna be crazy..
my head spinning..dizzy too..
the whole body was tired..absolutely tired..
i think my brain was not centered for a while
after struggling to read all the chapters..not all but 8 chapters..
its a lot okeyy...

but i enjoyed my study today..with hafiz and cik padhilah..
they are gud buddies..
to be in a group helps me a lot..
hafiz explained to me for chapter 7..
while dhila explained for chapter 2..
gud job guys..
others also help me too..
the test started at 8.45 pm..before dat..
we were sitting in a circle..small circle in front of Dewan Mas..
still studying..!!!
with Mai..Yanie..Farah..Muiz and Mira..
thnx guys...hope we got excellent marks..
like wat Mai had said.."Target untuk dapat B+"
while Muiz Lafayette aimed for A+..gud2...huhuhu..

n really tired..rite after test..
went back to a meeting for the theater..
finished at 12.15 midnight..before going back,
have a little chat with abang azam..
*agak lama kami x bersembang..maklum* in my lovely room..
having my dinner..late nite dinner..
while watching the drama..korean drama of course..
then..i want to sleep..tomorrow start with a new life.. another test diz thursday..
need to prepare..wanna strive for excellence for diz sem..
so got to go...i cant open my eyes now..
its a sign means dat i need to sleep rite now..
okeyy..okeyy...i understand..will go now..daa~

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