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The Day^^

ouucchhh..wat a boring day..huh..i've nothing to do today..hurmm..i woke up this morning around 11 o'clock after my rumate came back from her class..actually it is not too late for the student during their holiday tyme..hahahah..i juz sitting in my room alone and watching korean drama..WONDERFUL LIFE..i have not finish watching it i will finish it today..because tomorrow and onwards i need to focus on my study..

huh..talking about study,tomorrow i need to get up early in the morning..because i have a class at 8am until 9.30am..whoaaa..i hate for thinking about that..ooohhh process writing..why do i need to learn about you..can i skip your subject??haihh..what ever it is,i still have to go to class tomorrow because my holiday tyme will be end soon..feel sad..:(..but i know i have to sacrifice my leisure tyme if i want to success in life..i will study hard and hard because for now my dream is that i want to repay back all the things that my parents had done to me..i want to cheer them up with my excellent results..may be in the beginning i will face a lot of obstacle but i will not give it up easily.. i will do my best to achieve the goal that my parents had set to me..

so i got to go because i want to continue watching the drama..hehehehe..

monolog dalaman: huh..sedeyh la syiall cite neyh..nasib baik hati aku neyh kuat..xda la sampai nanges kan..bergenang jew air mata neyh..kui3..lepas neyh da xda masa nak tengok..tapi skang neyhperut aku da bergemdang meminta makanan..alahai perut..kesian kamu..hanya maggie jew yang mampu aku berikan..kikiki..

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