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ellow frenz..long tyme no c..hee..waahh..after nearly a week i didn't wrote anything in my feel like wanna write sumtin in my entry..hurmm..nothing interesting happen during my ECOMM claz..i enjoyed every lessons taught by Madam Majdah..[mmg terbek dari ladang lar lecturer neyh..huhu],we have our impromptu speech..each student had given 3minutes to prepare for the contents and 2minutes to deliver the speech..whoaaa..i was so nervous coz i admit that i'm not too good in speaking..our beloved lecturer started the speech at 2.30p.m after our break..i could see that all my frenz were getting nervous and a few of them keep on going to the bathroom..its a normal things rite if u're nervous,u will think the best place to go is toilet..hahahaha..juz kidding..luckily,i got a topic that i think quite easy for my to deliver the topic is about MY BIGGEST REGRET IN LIFE..hurmm..i had alot of idea regarding to this topic..i felt relieved that i managed to do it..heeee..i felt proud to myself..hurmm..

we finally come to the end of our claz..10 days seems like nothing..the time past very fast..although at the beginning we felt that this claz might be bore but the fact is it is not likw that..i'm glad that i got madam Majdah as our lecturer for my ecomm claz..she is very easygoing first impression to her is that she is not the type that can easily take any joke or maybe she is not the type of sporting lecturer.but after knowing her for 6 days,i realized that all my taughts are untrue..madam Majdah is very kind person..she taught us in the simplest way that i can easily understand the topic that had learned..

i think i'm gonna miss my tyme during this ecomm claz..before i forgot, all of us stayed in SIME DARBY residential hall. here,the scenery is very beautiful although the rooms here when we firstly arrived look quite disaster..hahah..ooppsss..heee..SIME DARBY is nearby with the Guthrie Lake and also with the Varsity we got enough food during the claz..hurmm..tomorrow there is no,we will relax in our room and of course for sleeping or watching the movie..huhu..

k..i think i will stop's getting late and the lab will be closed soon..i will post another entry on another day when i get the chance to surf the internet..k daa~

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