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PC Fair in KL^^

such a gud moning..heee
nothing much to story..
juz what i had done in KL for 3 days n 3 nite..

i went to KLCC AGAIN
hahahah..before going for movie,i went to the PC FAIR at the Convention Center hectic there its juz like a sea of people..very very crowded and noisy too..yeahh..there are a lots of gadget that you can buy.i feel like i wanna buy all of them but when i remember that i juz only have RM50 i think i need to hold on my desire first..i need to buy sumtin that are really,really important and valuable..hoho..kind of stingy i look like i care..hee..

so after made a few round from one hall to another hall.opps forgot to this PC Fair,there are about 4 halls which are absolutely big and of course its very tiring..whoaaa..very the gigih of me n my friend haa berjalan-jalan di sekitarnye..
i juz bought 1 packet of DVD disc..wanna to burn all my korean movie to the disc
my fren juz bought cooler pad and also keyboard punter alas tuh..hee..forgot the name..after about 1 hours touring from one booth to the others,we decided want to end our touring by walking back to KLCC and have some food..of course KFC..

fuuhh..that is my first tyme been there at the PC tyme..i will think twice whether i want to go there or not..huhuhu..but that..all the experience..
although we are felt very tired and exhausted but we felt happy coz we can spend time 2ghter..

luv and miz u fren..c u next tyme..;D

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