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Twilight Saga: New Moon..^^

gud monin dearie juz coming back from KL after been there for 3 days n 3 nite..i enjoy my hanging out wit my family n also my fren..

on my second day in kl,my fren and i went out toKLCC to watch a movie titleTWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON..whoaa..luv dat movie very much..its so romantic betweenEdward Cullen(Robert Pattinson) i wish to be like them too..hurmm..*sigh.actually this is my first time watching this kind of movie..about a vampire..yeah..of course i had already seen the first movie of twilight.but i not used to like this kind of movie..i used to like romantic movie actually..huahahaha..funny..back to the story.this story is all about romantic love between natural human and vampire.and it also unrequitted love between natural human also which is da same lady and with her old friend,Jacob.The cover of Jacob had been blown out when Bella know the truth about The Wolf.Jacob had a gen of wolf which he will turn into wolf when he carried out his duty in protecting Bella from the other devil vampire,Victoria.Although there are a lot of obstacle between Edward and Bella,but Bella's love is a true love when she voluntarily go to the Voltuit in order to save Edward from died.There, Bella expressed her willingness to be changed from human to the vampire as long as she can be besides Edward for her whole romantic..

Whoever did not watch this movie yet, better hurry up because this story is superb [this is my opinion lorh..hee]..i wish i could found my true love tpp someday like Edward and Bella.They are like my inspiration..ecececehh..ter'over' la plak i neyh..huu..

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