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hurm my kazen so femes today..coz his story about hitting by elephant came out in da KOSMO newspaper..waahh..sangat la tragis cite dye..he is my near cousin.son of my aunt which is sister to my,we are quite close.

poor him.he just married when he got that terrible accident.he got a very bad injuries with broken right leg and about 7 of chest bones [if i had not been mistaken] had been crack.oucchhh...i could feel his pain.about 5 months took him to recover but not all the injuries healed.when i first heard the news about him was from his younger sister.that tyme im in uitm shah alam doing my foundation.around 8.30 pm,Kak Liza [name i called his sister] called me and told that she will going home tomorrow night.then i asked her why so sudden wanna back home. she asked me if i know what had happened to his brother.then i said.No..i did not know anything and i kept asking why..why..then she told me that Abg Li [the victim as well as my cousin] had been hit by a big elephant at his work place.i was shocked.after talking about half an hour, i quickly dialed home and asked my family for the truth. So my younger sister told me everything.same like Kak Liza told me just now.

after that, im going to Dataran Cendikia to take my dine with my friend.While waiting our foods arrived, we watched news time. at that moment, the news about a worker in Hulu Terengganu was hitted by the elephant during his duty. and that worker's name is Muhd Hadzli Awang.OMG..that's my cousin.i told my friend that person is my cousin.what a shocked. the next day, news about my cousin appeared in the newspaper.That time what i can only do is pray for my cousin.

during my semester break,my family and i made a visit to his house at Jerangau, Hulu Terengganu.At that time, his conditions was much much better. and he took nearly 5 to 6 months to recover his injuries.. And now,he was able to walk again and went to work.He still working at the same place but not da same duty.

notes: Abg Li,yu harap abg li akan sentiasa berada dalam keadaan yang selamat dan sejahtera. Jaga diri ketika bekerja ya!~

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